Who We Are and What We're About...

I keep saying we but it's actually just me, I'm Chu. I'm British born Chinese of Hong Kong ancestry, married to a Malaysian who loves his food and who introduced me to the wonderful cuisine of his home country. Exploring new flavours from around the world has become something of an obsession, but somehow I always come back to the flavours of South East and East Asia, these are the flavours that feel like home.

This home-kitchen based venture has come about from my desire to combine my enjoyment for cooking and love of sharing food, with my hope to contribute to positive change in the community, country and world that I live in. Food is so intrinsic to our daily lives, but sadly it is something that not everybody has access to. This knowledge paired with my faith is the driving force behind Chu-Chu Kitchen. Through your help I will be donating to charities such as Tearfund and Trussell Trust in an effort to help alleviate hunger in the UK and further afield. So when you buy a meal from us, someone elsewhere will also be able to feed themselves and their family. Isn't that a wonderful thing?

For further information or to make a donation to any of these charities, please click the icons below.


At Chu-Chu Kitchen we also care very much about using resources wisely and being eco-friendly. You will find that almost all the packaging we use is plant based and compostable, and if not then they are degradeable or recyclable. We source our packaging from Vegware¬©