Fundraising for the NSPCC

Come 3rd June 2017, the fam and I will be taking part in the NSPCC Messathon to raise money towards the prevention of child cruelty. My contribution to the team fundraising effort was to cook and sell some beef rendang. I received 14 orders and thought it would be a good test run for when I go live in the autumn. 4 hours of cooking later I have a beef rendang, but there were moments where I thought "Argh, it isn't cooking properly", "I knew I shouldn't have put that last packet of coconut cream in", "it's not the right colour!!", "how am I going to cope with more than 14 orders in the future?" "My arm hurts from stirring this for the past 3 hours." There was one moment where I thought "I can't do this, I should just stop" and then I mentally slapped myself and told myself "don't give up, you can do this." And it was fine in the end. The rendang is as it should be, no emergencies or food disasters and my arms have gotten a very good workout.

As I continue on this process I know there will be ups and downs, times where I doubt myself, where obstacles get in the way or I do something dumb like burn the food. But I've just got to keep going, learn from the mistakes, have faith and move forward. Life lesson for today.